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Mōtsū-ji in the southern part of Iwate Prefecture.

Here is one of archeological sites

It is a world heritage registered sight.

History is old, even though it disappears many times due to fire

It has been rebuilt by the authority of time.

The old traditional beauty

It is still communicated as Japanese beauty of Mōtsū-ji garden.

Honjyoto is Mr. Yakuji Yakushi.

There is a benefit to heal and lead people who suffer from suffering with light.

I am watching so that I can spend good health everyday.

Feeling the swell of history from the view of the garden,

Let's head for a hot spring after enjoying it.

I want to go here!

The place to stop by is here.

"Ichinoseki Onsen Yamanakamo no yu"

This is a facility where you can take a day trip,

Just stop by while you are in

It is recommended as you can enjoy various bathtubs.

Two more times a day and night.

You can see the hospitality by the theater company for free.

There is a day off, so be careful there.

Meals are also served from the buffet, set meals and pubs

It has various things.

Stop by me on a trip

Why do not you enjoy your body and mind?

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