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Ishikawa Prefecture, a beautiful garden outside Kanazawa castle is Kenrokuen.

It is one of Japan's three major gardens.

It was made by Kaga lord in the Edo period.

A river and a pond are arranged in the trees in the garden.

In the meantime there are stone and an amu.

If you look over them broadly, you will come up with the appearance of nature.

It is fantastic,

It can be seen that the people who made this garden imagined the houses of the hermits.

Kenrokuen changing its expression according to the season.

I forget the time.

Let's stay here

Personally, I think that this is good.

Five minutes on foot from Kenrokuen.

Facilities with natural hot springs.

"Kanazawa Shiratori-dori Hotel Yamagaku"

As Kenrokuen is near, it is naturally close to Kanazawa castle.

It is also a short walk distance to other tourist attractions.

So I think that it is good as a base for sightseeing.

More than natural hot springs.

Heals the tiredness of the trip, it warms the body.

Looking back on the memories of the trip in hot water

It might be good.

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