Takarazan Tatesuji.


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Takarazan Tatesuji.

Takarazan Tatesuji.

This is a famous temple built in Yamagata Prefecture.

Yamadera, I think many people understand.

This temple is a famous phrase of Matsuo Basho

"Voice of cicadas that seep into desolation and rocks"

It is known.

In addition, it is more important than that

It is a long staircase that exceeds 1000 steps!

It takes more than one roundtrip,

Because it is steep, it may be a little dangerous if you panic.

When you visit the temple here

It seems that the bad edges disappear, and the good rims are blessed.

Let's purify yourself and your heart.

To dare to this hot spring!

Speaking of Yamagata's hot springs, Zao!

But this time it's different.

Miyagi prefecture next door.

"Sasaya hot spring Yumoto Ichonoyu"

I recommend this a bit.

What a hot spring here

Three spring fountains are said to be intermingled

Very rare class.

Because the efficacy is mixed with it

Depends on rich minerals

It seems healing of skin diseases.

Because it is a distance that you can go by car from Yamagata

If you have car rental

I think whether it is interesting to go.

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