Kotaro Marshland Observation Deck


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藤沢涼×高嶋美里!普通の人が1億円作る為の設計図 無料プレゼント!


Kotaro Marshland Observation Deck

Hokkaido, northeast of Kushiro Wetland.

Here is the Kotaro Mogherland.

If you look around it is a wonderful place to spread out.

This wetland leaves ancient nature,

The species surviving from the Ice Age

He seems to be enjoying the present age.

If you climb the observation deck and look down

A river that draws an arc in green spreading everywhere.

I left the contemporary society

You should be able to experience the magnificence of nature.

After enjoying the vastness of the wetland

Let's head to a hot spring.

稼げる無料ブログ Dreamers! 今すぐ始めよう
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