Inui Naki-san Shippoji Ryuji


  • 次世代型キュレーションブログ!DREAMERS!無料作成はコチラ


Inui Naki-san Shippoji Ryuji

Osaka prefecture, Inui Naki-san.

Shippoji Ryuji, surrounded by nature.

Here it is usual

I can do an absolutely impossible experience.

It is an experiencing a Shuudo path training.

Shuran way, it is struck by a waterfall

In harsh environment such as spending in nature

A faction of Buddhism trying to acquire enlightenment.

Normally it is a lady forbidden

Women can experience how wonderfully.

Of course if you have confidence in your physical strength

Although it is conditional.

In an environment away from everyday life

I try to train my body and mind,

It may not be bad, is it?

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  • 次世代型キュレーションブログ!DREAMERS!無料作成はコチラ
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