Busshozan park


  • Dreamers!でお小遣い稼ごう 今すぐ無料登録
Dreamers!でお小遣い稼ごう 今すぐ無料登録

Let's go to the onsen here!

After having gone slowly in the park

Let's get tired of the body at the hot spring.

Here's the recommended one.

"Buddha Mountain hot spring"

This is a natural hot spring, sourced from the source.

The bathtub made of cypress and Japanese cypress leaves make me feel nature.

Hold your eyes closed and enjoy hot water and scents.

Also known as hot springs, it is also known as a beautiful hot water,

It seems that there is also a beautiful skin effect.

If you are interested in beauty please try going once.

Please drop by when you stop by Kagawa.

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