Kintai Bridge


  • 指先一本で成り上がる世にも奇妙な稼ぎの仕組みとは?
Dreamers!でお小遣い稼ごう 今すぐ無料登録


Kintai Bridge

"Kintai Bridge" in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Iwakuni-shi.

Even though this bridge is an arch bridge, it is all wooden.

Moreover, it is reproduced by the technology of old aged more than 200 years, so surprised!

Kintai Bridge is a large bridge near 200 m, and it is a masterpiece when looking at close up.

It was first made in the 1600s

It was about 200 years ago that it became a modern shape.

If it reaches a certain number of years it will be redeemed by craftsmen's technology

It seems to hold the present figure, so safety is perfect.

Let's cross the bridge connecting the old and the present by all means!

藤沢涼×高嶋美里!普通の人が1億円作る為の設計図 無料プレゼント!
  • 指先一本で成り上がる世にも奇妙な稼ぎの仕組みとは?
  • 今世紀最強の資格、10億円の遺産相続資格の取り方とは?