White Wall Clay Collection


  • 旅行が仕事!!世界中を無料で旅しながら収入がどんどん増えていく 2018年日本上陸
旅行が仕事!!世界中を無料で旅しながら収入がどんどん増えていく 2018年日本上陸


White Wall Clay Collection

"White wall clay group" in Kurayoshi city, Tottori prefecture.

There are countless buildings made here from Edo to the Meiji era.

It is an important place designated as a conservation area of building from the Agency for Cultural Heritage.

Temple of white wall seen throughout the city.

These lines are very tasty,

It is sometimes that it has become a location like film and drama.

In the town there are various shops and shrines,

It may be said that coexistence with culture still exists in a form that does not impair the landscape.

Let's take a stroll around the city while feeling the side of Edo and Meiji.

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旅行が仕事!!世界中を無料で旅しながら収入がどんどん増えていく 2018年日本上陸