Mintopia separate child


  • 旅行が仕事!!世界中を無料で旅しながら収入がどんどん増えていく 2018年日本上陸
旅行が仕事!!世界中を無料で旅しながら収入がどんどん増えていく 2018年日本上陸


Mintopia separate child

"Eindhoven parents" in Ehime prefecture, Niihama city.

This is the Besshi copper mine which was once called Japan's three great copper mines

It is a newly changed facility for sightseeing use.

From the Edo period to the Showa period as a copper mine

Learn while playing the history that continued to support Japan.

Various events are prepared and you can enjoy both adults and children.

Because there are hot springs in the facility,

After playing tired, it is also recommended to take a rest slowly.

If you are going on vacation, please come here!

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  • 旅行が仕事!!世界中を無料で旅しながら収入がどんどん増えていく 2018年日本上陸
  • 憧れだったあのセレブ旅行こんなに安く楽しめるなんて!最安値保障!
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