Mifuneyama paradise


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Mifuneyama paradise

"Mifuneyama paradise" in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture.

This is the garden which the Nabeshima family who is the Daimyo in the Edo period made a garden.

A word that the garden, which is said to represent the landscape of Japanese paintings, is beautiful.

It is a Japanese garden that is said to be tired of seeing it many times.

Spring and autumn are supposed to be the best view.

Azalea in spring and autumn leaves in autumn color the garden looking good.

A quiet temporary away from daily life.

It is a good thing to stroll through nature's rich landscape.

Let's heal my heart fatigue.

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藤沢涼×高嶋美里!普通の人が1億円作る為の設計図 無料プレゼント!