Udo Shrine


  • 藤沢涼×高嶋美里!普通の人が1億円作る為の設計図 無料プレゼント!
藤沢涼×高嶋美里!普通の人が1億円作る為の設計図 無料プレゼント!


Udo Shrine

"Udo Shrine" in Miyazaki prefecture, Nichinan city.

This is the shrine in the cave of the cape facing the Pacific Ocean.

The beautiful vermillion shrine fascinates me very much.

The shrine here is very historical

After various transitions, to the current shrine.

Originally it was a place that worshiped the nature of the Pacific Ocean.

In the shrine is a form that goes down to a rare shrine

It is a wonderful place to see the Pacific Ocean.

The colorful shrine will certainly remain in memories.

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