Toyama City Hall Observation Tower


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Toyama City Hall Observation Tower

Toyama prefecture, Toyama city "Toyama city hall observation tower".

Here you can see the scenery of Toyama city.

Above all, it is a fine tourist base where you can see the Tateyama mountain range firmly!

There is no city hall especially located in an unusual place.

If you go up to the upper floor here

There is an observation deck overlooking the Toyama Plain!

Explanation Because there is voice and a telescope, it does not get bored,

It is famous Tateyama mountain range if you go round and round.

If the weather is nice, you will see clearly, so stop by once.

誰でも簡単に無料で作れる 稼げるブログ Dreamers!
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誰でも簡単に無料で作れる 稼げるブログ Dreamers!